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Slate's Favorite Memes of 2014

Memes in 2014: the best, including Mail Kimp, surfbort, and Lance Stephenson ear-blowing (PHOTOS).

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Which are your favorites?

7.  Sad Kanye

5.  Dancing Baby Groot

Yeah! These two are my favorites.

5. Dancing Baby Groot

Few things brought us more pure joy this year than the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring a dancing baby Groot. Even better: He proved equally charming in a variety of different musical styles.

4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The “smugshrug” may be the most efficient use of Internet slang we’ve ever seen, able to convey a complicated emotion (“an abdication of blame and a good-humored acknowledgement that shit, at times, happens, and there’s nothing we can do about it”) in a single kaomoji. And this year may have been its “golden age,” providing abundant examples of its necessity for communicating, really communicating, online.


Shruggy emoji shrugging emoticon:

Sad Kanye and Beyonce surfbort get honorable mention.

Sad Kanye meme how can Beyonce have one of the best videos of all time when I also make videos Imgur

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