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Spotify vs Uber: A case study on why it’s sometimes better not to be an asshole | PandoDaily

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Everyone would rather root for good people to succeed. 

People don't seem to care as long as they're getting their convenient rides.

That statement comes true about the sharing economy (and the SF housing/Halprin eviction situations): "those who benefit from the problem will never truly be committed to the solution"

Yeah, now that you mention it, sad but true.

I do know a few people who stopped using Uber but not most. 

I'll bet, psychologically, most respond to the branding (supported mostly by the consistency/ease). Uber symbolizes what most see or aspire to in themselves.  It's generally about THEM/ME and where THEY/I want to go (though that is what services should be - enablers for their customers).  Whereas Lyft has more of a sense of community (I suppose), seeing as how its CORE origin had to do with third world sharing (REAL sharing).  

Kind of like tech heads advocating/praising rap as their music mantra.  

so in that way, consumer behavior mirrors investor behavior (and vice versa): they all want to be involved with a Winner.

Yes, people choose brands they can identify with.

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