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King Tides Explained

King Tides Explained | Mobile Ranger

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Thanks Julia -- I had not heard a good explanation of King's Tide till now.

King Tides are here again. Sunday December 21st, starts a 3-day period of really high and low tides. “King Tide” has become a popular term recently to explain an especially high tide. It is not a scientifically meaningful term and originated in Australia and New Zealand and was a reference to the high tides that occur around Christmas.

The sizes of our tides change in a repeating and predictable way due to the interplay between the angles, distances and positions of the earth, sun and moon. The sun’s influence is about half that of the moon. Spring tides occur during new and full moons when the earth, moon, and sun are in alignment.

oooh how fun!  i love learning the whys of tide changes!  i'm going to go to the beach to check it out...

thanks, julia!

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