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Brown's culture of losing


Behind the curve: If it’s December, the Browns must be thinking about next year. They always do. And that’s the crux of Bernie Kosar’s Angry Fan Rant.

They’re always more concerned about the future than the present.

Clearing the salary decks. Preserving cap room and rolling it into next season. (They are so great at this.) Collecting future draft choices. Angling for draft position. Seeing what the young players can do. Building for “sustained success,” which is a euphemism for not winning now but striving to do it sometime in the future.

Evaluating the next quarterback hope. In this year’s case, Johnny Manziel.

This time of year, the Browns almost never win. Almost every season ends in an inescapable losing streak, followed by an organizational blow-up.

Check out how the last five Browns seasons have concluded:

2010: 0-4. Coach fired.

2011: 0-6.

2012: 0-3. Coach and GM fired.

2013: 0-7. Coach and GM fired.

2014: 0-3 with two games left.

Here we go again: Once upon a time, the Browns were 6-3 and the talk of the NFL. They crushed the Steelers at home. They crushed the Bengals in Cincinnati. But now those teams are winning down the stretch and the Browns are again in “next year” mode.

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Yes well the same thing happened to the Niners and Eagles this season. 

Sometimes injuries are too much.

Grantland finding the Cleveland misery tipping point:

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