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The 10 second trick that can help you lose weight: Step on a scale every day.

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"Get out of bed, use the bathroom, then step on the scale. Every day," personal trainer Marshall Roy advised in an article for Be Well Philly earlier this year. "It will give you a very reliable baseline and daily data point. It will fluctuate a little bit day to day, but when you look at all the numbers over the course of a week or month, trends will be obvious."And a University of Minnesota study, cited by Prevention magazine, surveyed 1,800 dieting adults and found that people who weighed themselves every day lost about 12 pounds over the course of two years, while people who weighed themselves every week lost only 6 pounds. 

Can't know how much you're improving something if you don't measure it.

I've always done this, I don't know about helping me lose weight, I have to decrease calories and move more to do that, but my weight never gets too out of control, because I am always keeping tabs on it.

I think that's why it works.

Whether consciously or not, awareness is important to maintenance.