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The 6 Most Needlessly Dangerous Jackie Chan Stunts

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"One of the reasons Jackie Chan movies are so amazing is that he replaces Hollywood magic with balls. "

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Phenomenal! Thank you for sharing, Christina.

I like the line that it's not insanity, it's badass!

Jackie Chan is famous for his spectacular stunts. He's the man who base jumps onto hot air balloons and roller skates under speeding trucks. He's been called crazy and has spent most of his life almost dying, yet almost all of Jackie's insane stunts were necessary. For example, if the script calls for Jackie to get dragged by a helicopter ladder, the best way to film that is to drag Jackie Chan from a helicopter. If he breaks his foot jumping onto a hovercraft and you still need to film him water skiing from the back of it, it only makes sense to paint his broken foot like a shoe and tell the crew to get back to work. That's not insanity -- it's badass.

For real:

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