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Temple Run VR is an often terrifying first try at bringing a classic mobile game to Gear VR



Temple Run in virtual reality places you inside the eponymous temple, and you're free to take a minute to look around and get a sense of your surroundings.

The second you take that idol though? It's time to run for your life.

"Overall, the biggest challenge we faced was really trying to sell the immersion of the experience.  We really wanted the player to feel like they personally took the idol and are now running for their life because some giant Arctic Demon Monkeys are chasing them," Keith Shepherd, Imangi's co-founder, told Polygon.

"It’s also one of the reasons that we really expanded upon the intro of the game and put the player actually inside the temple," he continued. "That way when you take the idol, you can actually see the Demon Monkeys creep out of the shadow and get right into your face. It’s clear you’ve done something they don’t like and if you don’t get out of there immediately, you are going to die."

It turns out Temple Run is kind of terrifying when played in virtual reality. Who knew?

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It demonstrates that being totally immersed in the same plot can be a totally different experience. 

I wonder what VR Angry Birds or Candy Crush would be like. 

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