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British agent ‘Fifi’ tested moral fibre of would-be Second World War spies

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Her name was Fifi? Or her nickname?

Her CODE name was Fifi.  

Some 240 pages of British intelligence files reveal that Fifi actually did exist. Her real name was Marie Christine Chilver, and her real-life exploits in the service of the Allied war effort are worthy of legend.

Handwritten notes, typed reports and telegrams in her files show she was a valued agent in the little-known Special Operations Executive unit set up by Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

“Fifi was somewhat of a legend of the Special Operations Executive,” Jonathan Cole, a researcher at the British National Archives, said in a prepared statement. “Until now, her existence and the deployment of her services had been dismissed but with the release of this file, her identity, impressive skills and the important role she played in Second World War secret operations is now finally revealed.”

The previously confidential files suggest, however, she never actually bedded anyone to get them to talk.

Those files reveal the most compromising act performed by Fifi in a hotel room with any of her targets was some impromptu tailoring.

“He asked me to do some sewing (!) for him, and I spent an hour and a half hemming silk scarves,” she reported.

I think there needs to be a Fifi movie.

Who would you cast as Fifi?

Keira Knightley. Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow. You?

No, I could never pull that off.

Wait, you're asking who I think should play Fifi?  Leelee Sobieski.

Interesting choice. Why Leelee?

She's played the seductress before, in The Wicker Man remake.  I like her unconventional looks.  She could be a female Benedict Cumberbatch.

Funny, I thought of Keira Knightley for similar reasons. 

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