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Yep, that iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet at bedtime really is messing with your sleep

ipad tablet at bedtime really is messing with your sleep Imgur


If you’re reading a book before bed, what do you reach for: a paperback, a tablet, or an e-reader? The choice you make will have an effect on your sleep, and if you answered either of the last two then you probably already know the news isn't good. Scientific evidence regarding the harmful effect of lit screens on the body’s sleep cycle has been accumulating for years, and a new study confirms it: if you want to get to sleep on time, don’t read an ebook or browse the web before bed.

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The problem is the light that the iPad, iPhone, or Android emits:

I know I can't argue with science, but I'm telling you, I fall asleep every night on the couch reading when most of you are eating dinner... Maybe it's the stuff I'm reading. More powerful than blue light? Able to cure insomnia in a single page... it's... a nerd book. 

Dawn, you must be exhausted by the time you start reading!

I believe exhaustion trumps the light for some but not all people.

Here's an unfun video that says similar things:

Amazon and Apple are changing their software to help people sleep:

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