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Robin Williams and Ben Stiller help co-star Skyler Gisondo ask a Woman to the Prom

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Transcript via Reddit comments:

-So, yeah.
-And, uh, Hillary—Ben Stiller and Robin Williams actually have a question for you.
-Yo, Hillary. Will you go to the prom with my man here? My man Sky-lar?
-Skyler’s a nice, Jewish boy.
-And you’re a nice, Jewish girl. [Chanting Hebrew]
-Keep kosher.
-We don’t sound too much like that.
-No. But, yeah. Appreciate the effort, though.
-Thank you.
-Look at this, look at this. Mwuah!
-He’s a good kid. He’s a good kisser.
-Great kisser.
-I don’t know that personally, I just know--
-I’ve heard.
-I’ve seen.
-Just, you know.
-When would that have--
-Uh, just when, you know that time. You and the monkey. [Monkey squealing]
-I think that may have been for a scene. I don’t think I would have--
-Yeah, I know it was for a scene.
-But it really seemed like you had a nice connection.
-So those are all things that come in the positive column.
-Yeah. Yeah. Guys, thanks. We probably could have stopped at nice, Jewish girl, but I do appreciate all the afterthoughts. I’d kind of like to, you know, go--
-Right. Do your thing.
-Do your thing.
-We’re just--
-Dancers! Get ready for the big closing number. For the prom thing. Girls, come through. Sell the dress, sell the dress.
-I don’t think there are dancers.
-There’s no dancers?
-No, we couldn’t get the dancers.
-OK, forget the dancers. Cirque du Soleil people--
-Do we have any--
-No Cirque du Soleil. Just, Skyler, do you want to do--
-Sorry, I feel very--
--protective of you because I play your father in this movie.
-You do, yeah.
-Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Have a good time. Keep it clean.
-Did you go to the prom?
-I didn’t even have a prom.
-I went to a small school--
-Please help. Send your dollars now.
-This is not about me, it’s not about Robin. It’s about Skyler.
-It’s about Skyler.
-And you.
[Monkey chattering]
-All that being said-- [Speaking Hebrew]
-Right. That, as well. [Speaking Hebrew]
Hill? Oh. Thanks, Crystal.
[Monkey chattering]
OK. Can I get that from you? Thank you.
Hill? Will you go to prom with me?
-I’m so verklempt right now. It’s just so beautiful.
A monkey and a rose, that’s so Freudian!
I don’t know what to say.
If you don’t go to prom with him, there is--
-Yeah, definitely do it.
-Definitely do it.
-We won’t be with him at the prom.
-Unfortunately not.
-It would just be you two.
-Yeah. And a monkey. Wouldn’t that be cool at a prom?
-The monkey will be there. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it.
-Is that our cue to leave?
-Oh, yeah, yeah, thanks guys--
-We did what we needed to do--
--thanks guys.
-It’s not that--Ben! Robin Williams, Ben Stiller--OK.

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