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Scrooge McUber Decided Christmas Eve Was a Good Time to Pull Some Real Bullshit

Uber Decided Christmas Eve Was a Good Time to Pull Some Real Bullshit Motherboard


Today, Uber announced a change to its pricing scheme in a bid to push users away from traditional taxi services and towards the company's own UberX option. According to an email from the company to Uber users in New York City, Uber will now add a $2 surcharge to completed fares on its Uber Taxi service.

Previously, the company's Uber Taxi service worked as a simple taxi hailing app: After dropping a pin and arranging a pickup from a regular yellow or borough (green) cab, riders pay their fare with cash or card like any other cab, skipping the Uber app altogether.

It's convenient and straightforward and makes you wonder what would have happened if NYC's Taxi and Limo Commission had figured this out years ago.

There's nothing wrong with Uber charging users to use its app, as it's got to make money somehow, and users can decide whether or not that service is worth it. But in its announcement, Uber said that it added the surcharge "on behalf of yellow and boro taxi drivers who utilize the Uber platform," despite the fact that the $2 is charged through Uber's app and goes to Uber directly.

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I'm not sure why Uber feels it needs to mislead customers about the surcharge.

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