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12 Communication Practices That Build Trust- Trust Across America-Trust Around the World™

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Know what matters to the people you leadHave dialogues without personal agendas or assumed answersExpress heartfelt, specific gratitudeBe forthcoming about your objective, purpose, or goalAlign your actions with your wordsOperate with thoughtful transparencyPaint word-pictures to make something seeable, doable, and purposefulBe about the right action, not the action that’s right for youBe open to all methods of communicationOffer feedback as opinion, not factListen to learnBe the message, not the messenger, for respect, integrity, and compassion

Be the message, not the messenger. I like that. 

Yes, it reminds me of this quote which I just came across:  A healthy attitude is contagious. But don't wait to catch it from others; be a carrier. - Tom Stoppard

I like that quote too!

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