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This device can diagnose 1,000 pathogens in your blood in 6 hours...

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Researchers have created a device that can diagnose 1,000 pathogens in just six hours, and it could change the way doctors fight disease.

Called IRIDICA, the device is pretty radical. Right now, when doctors want to diagnose a disease, they need to take a patient’s blood sample and separate it into lots of different tubes to be individually tested for particular pathogens. 

This means that if someone has a pathogen that the doctor isn’t looking for, they’re not going to find it. It also means the whole process of diagnosis is slower than it needs to be.

But over the past 15 years, researchers have been working on IRIDICA, in the hopes that they could use it to monitor any blood sample and find out what was lurking inside. Their device has now been commercialised by pharmaceutical company Abbott. 

"Everyone was asking the wrong questions, taking existing technology and making individual tests for diseases. But with over 1,000 organisms causing disease in humans, you can’t make 1,000 tests," Dave Ecker, one of the four researchers who came up with the idea, told Ariel Schwartz from Co.Exist

"So we asked: Can we use our technology to say 'Give me a specimen and I’m going to tell you what infectious organisms are in it no matter what they are?'"

Sounds like a big breakthrough.

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