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"The simple act of collecting is universal." ~@jennydeluxe on Pinterest

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From Jenna Wortham's article, A Site That Aims to Unleash the Scrapbook Maker in All of Us:

Pinterest’s low-key approach makes sense for the site because it aims to appeal to people interested in creating curated collections of photographs around a topic, like midcentury modern furniture, fancy cakes or fashion trends like floral fabrics. Essentially they are making scrapbooks that link back to the original source of each photo, whether it be a museum site, a fashion blog or an online store.

Mr. Silbermann, a meticulous collector himself who kept glass boxes full of beetles and stamps as a child, said he thought the service appealed to such a broad swath of Web users because the simple act of collecting is universal.

“It’s like, when you go to a friend’s house, you’re always excited to see what’s on their bookshelf,” he said. “Behind Pinterest was the idea that if you can put that online, it’d be really exciting for folks.”

According to the article, Pinterest went through 40 different versions before settling on the home page's "pleasantly cluttered look".

There's also a great line from Chris Dixon about wishing he had invented it.

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