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Was 2014 the year the lads' mag finally died?

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Founding team member Pete Cashmore:

"it was obvious we’d become more trouble than we were worth - we’d spent the last two years being constantly pilloried by the pressure group UK Feminista, their various beneficiaries and their ‘Lose The Lads Mags’ campaign, and found ourselves in the press as much for our supposed misogyny, an accusation which always baffled me (the only people we were ever mean about, or objectified, were ourselves), as we did for showcasing Holly from Geordie Shore’s bold new look.

But they were persistent in their wild flailing, and every now and then they landed a jab - their adoption by film actress Romola Garai and its attendant press, the decision by the proudly ethical Co-Op to ethically stand up for ethical press censorship and remove us from their shelves if we refused to polybag our issues. Still, the lads’ mags rolled with the blows. Eventually, one thing became apparent: with Front and Loaded in terminal decline, with FHM inexplicably never really being drawn into the debate, and with Zoo unable to pipe up because they had, not so long ago, allowed columnist Danny Dyer make reference to wounding a reader’s ex-girlfriend to make her less palatable to other men, it was Nuts who were going to have to retaliate.

Yes, that era is over. The Internet is killing most magazines but it killed those magazines first.

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