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Warren Berger Tells How to Ask a ‘Beautiful Question’

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To stay ahead in my ad agency, I read a lot of books that purport to have "the answer" to some problem or another—how to improve your business, find happiness, and so forth. But I just finished a book that takes a very different approach. It is entirely focused on questions, not answers. And I found it to be profound and eye-opening.A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger is about the importance of asking thoughtful, ambitious "beautiful questions"—the kind that can bring about change in the world around you. A fair amount of the book is focused on the need to ask deeper, better questions in business—which really resonated with me. I went through a process of tackling a lot of ambitious questions when I envisioned "movement marketing," wrote the book Uprising and started my own challenger ad agency StrawberryFrog.

Socrates was all about asking the right questions too.

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