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Is there any redeeming value to articles?

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Seriously, everything I encounter there is either an embarrassment to the name of journalism or a top 10 list.

But I'm totally open to hearing about good articles they have! So someone convince me. Or else let's all shit on BI together.

I find it very useful for determining which friends to ask to buy me drinks.

Thanks to Adam Rifkin (where are my @-linked names??) for pointing me to another good Business Insider piece ( over in (where are my permalinks to sub-conversations??).

Permalinks to sub-conversations (aka threads) are coming soon...

I can't say I'm a regular reader, but top 10 lists in any publication should be an embarrassment to journalists. They might be good SEO and good social media marketing, but they are rarely journalism.

I appreciate that BI at least gives their slideshow-lists a 'View As One Page' link.

Shhh! I think one of their devs slipped that in while they weren't paying attention...

This isn't Quora, bro! You don't have to make it a question. You could have said: "Business Insider is useless." :)

Actually, if you use more foul language we can work on an integration with ...

I was going to say "BusinessInsider is a piece of shit," but I wanted to be nice.

I think we're officially starting to get comfortable around here.

yeah, although hopefully they don't claim to be "journalists." everything they do is clearly an seo and/or link-bait (at least what I can tell f/ the tech content). the most obvious tactic is summarizing popular articles from elsewhere but using the "right terms" and then just posting a link back. they're good at manual aggregation basically.

If it were not profitable to behave that way, they'd stop doing it.

Clearly it is profitable to behave that way, especially if you manage to sell your link-bait collection to AOL for $315MM.

Memo to self: put more facilities for collecting link-bait into PandaWhale ...

Yeah, I read this:

What? Really? I couldn't stomach posting something like this.

Huh... maybe I'm not a careful reader, but what was objectionable about this article?

I think it's mean-spirited linkbait. Gossip stuff. Who cares if he blew it or not?

I see. The title is definitely bad, but a lot of startups like mine feel like we really need to understand what Twitter is thinking about its API and clients. Sometimes bad info fast is better than waiting for bad info slow. :)

Sure. It's always useful to see what the masses are thinking. Orwell wrote a very good essay on how looking at popular trash gave you insights into the minds of the general citizenry:

I liked the recent "sexiest Silicon Valley" article. It shows that Silicon Valley gossip is getting as trashy as those tabloids next to the checkout line.

"Getting"? Do you not recall Valleywag fondly? ;)

Business Insider is more mainstream though. Valleywag is just for Silicon Valley.

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