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Who Won 2014?

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Glumly suspect that, despite the rise of the stock market, 2014 was a total bummer? Now you know.

A quote from last year’s bracket, appropriately titled “Who Won 2013?”

 With every passing year, I’m closer and closer to trashing the “Who Won” bracket model in exchange for “Who Lost.” Or “What Ruined This Year for Me The Most, a Bracket of 1024.”

Good to know I'm not the only one. 

Best gif:

snoop Dogg wtf face gif imgur tumblr

Nice to see in past years that Twitter, Instagram, and gifs have all made it to the final four. 

Bonus points comparing Taylor Swift to cauliflower.

Swift is about as interesting as a cauliflower sample sale, but failing to give her credit as a once-in-a-generation pop star would be pure hateration. And this bracket is not about hating, nor is it a dancerie. It’s about facts. And the truth. Because I am a disruptive millennial thought leader. 3

This is about winning, and Taylor Swift is arguably the most powerful person in the music industry — the only person in America who has no idea that album sales have been aggressively slumping for the past decade — so she moves on. Easily.

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