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Episode 76: Are You a Giver?

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Enjoyed episode 76 with Adam Grant, who analyzes givers, takers, and matchers from his book "Give and Take." I read the book a while ago, but this interview refreshed many of the lessons. For me, the big takeaway is that givers are at the top and bottom. There's a difference between being a specialized giver (top) and a doormat giver (bottom). Dr. Grant helped me change a couple key behaviors in my own life. 

This book's a must-read for organization and personal effectiveness. The interview brings the main points to life in Altucher style. Still, read the book. One thing I learned from this interview that isn't in the book is Adam Rifkin is responsible for at least four marriages. Holy Yenta, Batman! 

He doesn't mention all the people I've introduced that didn't work out. It's a LOT.

No one can bring magic all the time.

I like the nomenclature "specialized giver" and "doormat giver" -- better than "winner giver" and "loser giver".

So you've changed your life to be more specialized giver?

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