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The ruins of Dresden after WWII

The ruins of Dresden after WWII
5:59 AM Dec 28 2014

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Allied firebombing did this, and killed 25,000 people. Dresden was not a military center. This is the view from the Rathaus (city hall).

Chilling. That is a picture with a lot of drama.

Oh, what we could do in this world if we were able to quit destroying things and killing people.

Eventually we'll get there.

It takes a long time for humans collectively to learn to be collaborative instead of competitive.

Adam, I'm not sure collaboration v competitiveness is the crux of, nor the terminus on the continuum towards, ending human suffering through compassion... though certainly we can frame the fire-bombing of Dresden as both collaborative and competitive in many ways.

Joyce, why did you choose to post this?  It strikes me as a rather odd offering during a New Years Eve and typically celebratory season.  Are you just a contrarian like me and more skilled at cross ruffing topics just to provoke a discussion?

Yes she's contrarian like you. 

I do think the destruction and killing comes down to following competitive impulses.

Maybe so, but perhaps only in idiosyncratically dramatic and isolated fashion.  I'd argue human competitive impulses rarely achieve the heights of instinctual destruction, killing and mass extinctions at individual, community or even nation state levels.  Even beyond the more prosaic realm of professional sports and other banal human competitions, all sides with any competitive impulses rely on a shared need for each other; similarly so in the realms of competitive politics in community, between nation state economies and even within the individual as cogent thought – competitive, oppositional forces are as necessary for productive growth as they are for hegemony.

I propose that it is our "extractive" impulses that are the far more nefarious, pernicious and deadly as wholesale expositions.  It is this impulse that represent humanity's basest, ongoing struggle with achieving evolved awareness as individual and group in order to produce a more enlightened society: Hitler did not compete with the Jews, he extracted their wealth and exterminated them.  Humanity has also attempted to whitewash these base instincts of extraction by calling them something else, at times even as collaborations, such as over human slavery (these people needed us and our civilizing influence), client states (long live Stalin!) and even the growth of dominant industries in free market capitalism (such as Big Ag and Big Pharma), which have killed far more people and other species on the planet annually than any human competitive impulses yet conceived or expressed.

I'd argue that human competitive impulses have been and remain for the most part benign and important precursors to human creativity and continuous technological advancements... well, at least here in our more vulgar, coarse realities spawned of dualism and Newtonian physics.

Beyond these secular constraints, it's hard to say...

(You win again, Adam: your one sentence wiggles paragraphs out of me!)

Ha, if you can call that winning!

I understand your point so mostly I'm wondering what it will take for people to work together instead of wanting to destroy each other.

Is it economic abundance?

Is it uniting against a common threat?

Is it something else?

No Rob, it's not because I'm a contrarian! Part of the original rationale for PandaWhale was that in today's world of fast-moving info streams, you have to stash things right away or you will never see them again. I just happened to see that photo on New Years Eve -- which I don't celebrate in any way -- and stashed it right away!

Haha, well Adam thinks you're a contrarian!  Cool to know your thoughts and impulses, as I definitely agree we're in a gab it now or never whirlwind of data flow... 

You might be better than I in handling it too:  even if I grab it I rarely return to contextualize and use it but on the rare occasion... and it's those rarest occasions of restored usage from deep on my hard drives (or cloud now) that keep my data pack-rat habit entrained.

Eventually AI will help us bring all these flowing data points into something more... and more ... or perhaps not.

Haha back at you Adam, you're right: mere volume of words doesn't always equate to quality or victory – just provocation!

I believe all of your three "wondering what it will take for people" certainly has worked and continues to apply...

I feel like the world just needs more time.

The percentage of people worldwide fighting each other seems to be going down over time. 

Yes, wow. Here's a good explanation:

Also interesting:

On the bombing of Dresden:

Bigger version of photo:

Ruins Of Dresden 1945 photo Imgur

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