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4.9 billion Internet-connected devices, from thermostats to slow-cookers, will be in use in 2015. ~Tech Etiquette 21 Do’s and Don’ts WSJ

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21. An estimated 4.9 billion Internet-connected devices, from thermostats to slow-cookers, will be in use in 2015, according to Gartner Inc. Let’s all agree not to buy the Internet-connected toasters that will inevitably be introduced, OK? Let’s keep toast sacred.

... and almost all of them will be easily pwnd

Laughing, the part that's bothersome is that it doesn't have to be!  I remember in 1998-2000 we did Internet of things which did a hybrid peer to peer model that used two-way mutual authentication using certificates for both client and server.  We put them on everything from fuel cells to game consoles to printers to jacuzzi controllers and our friend at Aerospace says they even put the very first p2p Web server up into space.   It was so small, secure and lightweight we even stuck it on a Palm PDA.

We sure haven't come very far though, have we?

We really have not come far. Seems like it's getting worse. 

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