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Our Digital Memories Are Languishing on Obsolete CD-Rs in Our Closets

Our Digital Memories Are Languishing on Obsolete CD Rs in Our Closets Motherboard


The longevity of CD-R discs is a topic that is surprisingly contentious. Some argue that cheap CD-Rs begin degrading roughly one-half-second after you finish recording to it; others say they’re good for up to 200 years. But in 200 years, hell, in five years, who the heck is going to be able to open these files? We can do it now, sort of, if you inconvenience yourself enough to find someone who hasn’t upgraded to a MacBook Air, an ultrabook, or tablet.

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A good reminder to back up all of those old disks you want to keep.

Or you can put it on dropbox where they'll corrupt it and claim it can't happen while stamping their feet, jumping up and down and singing la-la-la-la with their fingers in their ears.

Yeah, don't use Dropbox.

But yeah, CD-Rs are not a good long term storage solution.

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