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Glitch-face selfies are a thing


As a species, we become more and more derivative every day.  It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I find it funny how a software/hardware glitch is becoming a sort of art.

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Is there an app for making these? They are oddly satisfying. 

It sounds like a fun idea to play with. Several variations on the theme are possible.  This all makes me think of a Tool or Nine Inch Nails music video. 

this link is one of the 3 sites listed that create the images.  you can upload or webcam an image from the top of the page and go from there. here's one that's an app and the results are more of a scatterplot of its users ability more than actual app quality or functionality.

Thanks for the links. You're right, shrub app is more like an art project.

Whereas jpg-glitch really does generate glitch images. 

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