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What Are Americans Most Afraid Of?

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Today I learned 57% of Americans fear wrath from God.

Thank you, early religious indoctrination!

If you're going to believe in God, why believe in an angry God?

Our parenting style of reward and punishment naturally transfers to our early (and therefore sticky) understanding of God.  

Ah, so if we can think of God as more than a parent, we can think of God as not angry.

What makes Americans most anxious?

Walking alone at night on a city street: 37% (total); 21% (men); 53% (women)

Being stopped for a traffic violation: 27% (total); 34% (men); 20% (women)

Hear a pilot warn of turbulence ahead: 15% (total); 17% (men); 14% (women)

Having your annual physical: 9% (total); 12% (men); 6% (women)

Answer a phone without Caller ID: 6% (total); 8% (men); 5% (women)

Where is inability to afford the cost of living???

Is anxiety the same as fear?

Anxiety is an unease that comes from being afraid of something.

So like a low-grade, chronic fear.

Yes, that's a good way of describing it.

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