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They Did The Math: What is 50 grand worth to Jay-Z?

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The answer to the question from the theydidthemath subreddit:

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Top Reddit answer:

Econ major here, might as well jump in. Personal consumption (c) is defined as total income (y) minus taxes (t). According to Forbes, Jay makes about $38,000,000 a year (of which he loses roughly 39% to taxes. This still leaves him with $23,000,000 to spend a year. "50 grand" is only .2% of that income. The same percentage of the US median income of $51,939 is $103.87, so 50 grand to Jay-Z is about one Benjamin to the average American.

To look at it another way, though, we can take Jay's net worth as a means to talk about the significance of money (as savings comes in to play when people makes decisions about commerce). Jay-Z'z net worth is about 560 million. 50 grand is only .008% of that sum. That percentage of the average American net worth of $301,000 is only $24.

So, its safe to say that Jay-Z values 50 grand in the same way that the average American values one or two trips to the gas pump, or a nice meal out--a menial sum in the pic picture.

Also. He could buy 13,192 Filet-O-Fish sandwhiches from McDonalds, or buy 11,764 pounds of fresh Tilapia filets.

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Found via Alexis Ohanian:

P.S. Theydidthemath is a great subreddit:

Wealth isn't emotionally proportional.

Beyonce is worth a lot more to him than money.

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