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California Just Officially Broke Ground On America's First Bullet Train

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It will be the fastest rail system in the United States, comparable to the Japanese Shinkansen, the French TGV, and the Chinese Harmony express, all of which routinely travel over 200 mph. The fastest train line in the US right now is Amtrak’s east coast Acela Express, which has a top speed of 150 mph, but usually goes slower.

High-speed rail doesn’t come cheap. The total cost of the California project is estimated at $68 billion, most of which will come from the federal government (pdf). According to The World Bank, this works out to $56 million per kilometer, double the cost of similar lines in Europe and triple the cost of China’s Harmony express.

I hope to last long enough in California to take this train someday.

The high cost of living in California might do me in before it's done.

When will that be, 2030?

Yes, 2030.

Where else w/could you live?  That's crazy talk.  :)

You know I'm moving to Florida eventually.

A lot of my family is there, and cost of living is so much better!

Hahaha!  Wait, really?

Yes my family is there and yes it's so much less expensive to live there.

We'll see how long I last in California but odds are not good I will last here till 2030.

Happy for your family and for Florida; sad for California.

Remember this?  CALIF = Come And Live In Florida.  You could RULE this place!

Ha! It would be fun to live in a place with reasonable rents and taxes. 

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