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Wow. The DNC hit new low

Find out about Steve Scalise -- load images.






20140106_new_congress_v2_07.png I am about as anti GOP as I am anti nazi but this has absolutely no place in our society.  Yes call out the individual for actions and statements but this type of graphic propaganda is worthy of Goebbels himself. I keep getting all of these "are you with me/us" as opposed to against them whoever them are. 

They ask me these questions but I have no way of responding in the negative. I can respond in the affirmative by giving money. 

No I am not with you. 

In fact the DNC disgusts me only slightly less than the GOP.  

 Paid for by the Democratic National Committee, 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington DC 20003 and not authorized by any 


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Yup. So bad. 

After multiple emails today from "Dnc war room" I had enough. 

Understandable. Many of us have had enough!

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