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Banksy Yesterday Today Tomorrow Instagram Charlie Hebdo Illustration is actually by Lucille Clerc.

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The artist who made the work is @LucilleClerc

There's an illustration being shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that claims to be a tribute created by street artist Banksy in response to the terrorist attack that killed 12 people near the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris earlier today.

While the image does have a touching message, it's a fake - not created by Banksy.

Mashable is reporting that the image was posted by a "popular 'Banksy' account" on Instagram. The Instagram isn't run by Banksy at all, and is actually a fan page that shares street art created by a variety of different artists - rarely with any attribution.

Banksy has issued a statement to the Independent denying that the illustration is his work. "We can confirm this is not by Banksy," said a spokesman for the anonymous artist.

Instead, it appears that the illustration was originally posted by graphic designer Lucille Clerc, just with an added Instagram filter.

Here's Clerc's original Instagram post:

Also on Twitter:

Here it is on Banksy:

Search on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you'll see plenty of popular accounts that seem to be official Banksy pages. The problem of fake social media accounts is so widespread that Banksy has even posted on his official website to deny he runs any Facebook or Twitter accounts. He does, however, have one Instagram account, which was used during his recent trip to New York.

Facebook was recently forced to remove the verification checkmark for a Facebook page for a Banksy account with millions of Likes after the artists PR representative denied that he had anything to do with it.

The Instagram account that the pencil illustration originates from is part of a ring of fake social media profiles. As well as the fake Instagram and Facebook accounts, the administrators behind the Banksy pages also run a YouTube account that re-uploads popular viral videos to capitalize on their popularity.

Another clue that points to the image being fake is its file size. The image uploaded to the fake Banksy social media posts is pixelated and low-resolution. Banksy is an artist who makes a living from exhibiting his work, he wouldn't want his work to be displayed in a way that makes it look bad.

It's tricky to verify new Banksy work. Because of Banksy's continued anonymity, and the often confusing similarity to other graffiti artists, many works of art end up mistakenly labeled as created by Banksy. A handful of galleries and companies in the UK are, however, experts in his work, meaning that they can verify prints purported to originate from Banksy.

Nevertheless, given today's tragic events, the sentiment is strong.

Why Charlie Hebdo’s “Stupid and Vicious” Pencils Will Prevail

Oh wow:

While the attackers achieved their immediate, “stupid and vicious” goal of bringing jihad to Paris, their action was counter-effective in almost every other way. They turned their victims into martyrs and even the most idiotic cartoons into icons of free expression. Moreover, they showed that their distorted understanding of Islam must be fragile indeed if it can be so threatened by ridicule. And their actions will not silence the weekly. A lawyer for Charlie Hebdoon Thursday said it would publish a new edition on schedule next week. The surviving staff are anticipating a print run of 1 million copies, many multiples of its usual 60,000.

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