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Nike will launch Back to the Future Shoes, complete with power laces, in 2015

Nike aims to launch Back to the Future shoes in 2015

Sportswear brand Nike is hoping to release real versions of the self-lacing shoes from sci-fi movie Back to the Future II by the end of this year.

Nike designer Tinker Hatfield has announced that the company is striving to release the Nike Air MAG shoes, worn by fictional character Marty McFly when he is transported to 2015.

Described as the "greatest shoe never made" by Nike CEO Mark Parker, the high-top designs that feature in the 1989 time-travel film are equipped with "power laces", which tighten on their own when feet are placed inside.

Nike filed a US Patent for self-lacing shoes in July 2014, featuring motorised rollers embedded in the soles. These would be activated by a control system that could either be operated using a button on the side or respond to changes in weight, wrapping the ends of the laces around themselves and creating a tightening effect.

Nike aims to launch Back to the Future shoes in 2015

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The power laces do seem pretty awesome.