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New York matchmakers take the subway to make real connections - LA Times

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"If you want to meet someone, you have to go where people are, and we know where they are. They're on the subway," said Christensen, who was 31 and an aspiring entrepreneur when she launched Train Spottings two years ago.

With 24 subway lines, 468 stations and daily ridership in the millions, the city's favored mode of movement provides an endless supply of potential romantic material, she said.

"And it's constantly being refreshed," Christensen said, noting the turnover on platforms as trains pass every few minutes, spilling new human specimens out the sliding doors and carrying away the stale ones.

Train Spottings' system is simple, and computers come into play only when someone who has been spotted follows up by sending an email to the spotter. If Christensen thinks the person would appeal to one of her paying clients, she sends the pair on a blind date — but not before she conducts in-person interviews and background checks to verify that they are indeed single and not lying about their identities.

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