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Egg and Sperm Cells Can Be Made From Adult Cells

Egg and Sperm Cells Made From Adult Cells


For the first time, scientists have made human sperm and egg precursor cells from human adult skin cells. The work, detailed in a recent Cell paper, could ultimately change the age at which women stop having children.

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We're saved! (From humanity-ending radiation events as long as we still have a little technology.)

This seems like a big breakthrough.

So sperm and egg precursor cells could be generated from an adult of any age? Wow!

Yes, anyone can be mother and/or father.  Pseudo-clone even (the child would be different based on dominant / recessive mixing probabilities), but that would have in-breeding issues.  Still, all kinds of interesting and freaky possibilities.  Newborns could father/mother children (hyper evolution of a new generation every year).  Etc.

Wow. I hadn't even thought of that possibility.

The first thing that came to mind is that women could have kids post-menopause. 

That's the most likely use.  Plus solving the parenting problem for gay couples.  They haven't solved the in-vivo part, so they need a cell gestation period before they could fertilize.  Practically, unless they can use mice for human cells somehow, that probably limits this for now.  But that is just an environmental cell incubation problem, which we have solved in some other cases.  The difficult part is done I think.  So, now conservatives can freak out again for a while, attempting to pass laws to prevent circumvention of nature in ways they don't like.

Or actually they might like this since it creates more families, and they like families. 

A lot of them (speaking about those that freak out about science for religious reasons) only like the right kinds of families.  No heathens (gay, atheist, intellectuals) or questionable races (also heathens by default) need apply.  Somewhat related, I've been told by people that their congregations were literally and explicitly told that they should be out-procreating others.  One data point was in Ohio, long ago, in a conversation with my grew-up-Catholic girlfriend.

Well then once they see this as a tool for out-procreating then they'll be happy. 😊☺️😊

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