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Dr. Laura Berman: Boys Are Negatively Impacted by Stereotypes at School

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A new study published in the journal Child Development has found that gender stereotypes can have a profound impact on the way children perform in school. Researchers at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom found that children believe that girls are more intelligent and academically gifted than boys, and they also think adults share this belief.

The impact of this gender stereotype was shown in the following experiment. Before being given a test, one group of 7- to 8-year-olds children was told that boys did worse in school than girls. A control group of children was given no such false information. The boys in the first group scored noticeably lower on the test than the boys in the control group did. In other words, once the boys were told they weren’t as smart as the girls, they lived up to the stereotype and performed poorly.

It seems like something that any person would be susceptible to, not just boys.

yes,'s just that right now, Gender Bias and girls vs boys "hetero-normative"/societal nurturing/psychology is an increasingly important topic (and will be for a long time, post-social media/narcissism).  I mean, this article was from 2013

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