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Former 49ers exec Policy has pointed words for Jed York

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Jed York, the young heir to the San Francisco 49ers, gets sonned by the voice of hard-won experience in the form of former 49ers exec Carmen Policy. Basically Policy says what a lot of us are thinking, which is that York is going to be the guy who regrets firing Jim Harbaugh for the rest of his life.

I'm not sure why he's not included in the 49ers museum, either.

Harbaugh had a well-earned reputation for being difficult to deal with. Policy said the same was true of Bill Walsh when he coached the 49ers.

"If you're going to want a head coach in the NFL who is going to be competitive every year and not only take you to a point where you have a winning season and maybe even make the playoffs, but you want to set the standard for your team being in the Super Bowl every year," Policy said, "you got to deal with a guy who is capable of winning, who is capable of being tough and promoting his team in a way that says, 'We are striving to be the best and nothing else will do.' "

Walsh turned the 49ers from one of the league's worst teams into a perennial Super Bowl contender in his third season.

Policy said "Bill Walsh was no day at the beach" and that "he was a challenge to deal with" but, ultimately, "When it was all said and done, it was a lovefest between Eddie and Bill."

Policy played a pivotal role in four of the 49ers Super Bowl victories, as well as much of their rule in the 1980s and '90s, yet he feels as if he has been slighted by the current regime.

Policy, who served as 49ers vice president, president and CEO at different times, said that he is bothered by the lack of recognition he has received in the team's museum at Levi's Stadium.

"It's as though I don't exist," Policy said. "Joseph Stalin used to rewrite history, and he eliminated people that he didn't want the history books to mention as being part of Russia's greatness. I've been written out."

Policy long since has retired from the NFL.

"A little bit, it does," Policy said, when asked if it bothered him the way he has been overlooked by the 49ers.

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