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School of Orcas Organized Neatly

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Redditor jordanneff colored them black:

School of Orcas Organized Neatly photo killer whales Imgur

Reminds of the family stickers people put on their rear windows to depict their families.

funny stick figure decals

haha!  that is a crazy cat lady right there!!!

I only count 14 cats. I think that pod of orcas could take them!

hahaha!  totally.  7 orcas vs 14 cats

Seems like a fair fight! :)

One cat per each orca blowhole:  Game over!

Orcas can breathe through their mouths too right?

No, just the blowhole!  Scroll down quickly past the picture of the cute seal under "What Do Orcas Eat?" to "How Do Whales Breathe?"

amazing!  but i'm picturing cats flailing atop orca blowhole geysers...



look!  i just noticed the orcas have white hearts behind their dorsal fins!

The white hearts behind their dorsal fins really is neat!

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