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Don't over estimate risk

thoughts on risk and fear from one perspective...

Don't overestimate the downside of risk â Medium

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You have to be able to feel the fear as it crawls up inside you and be with it.

“OK, I’m scared right now … why?” List the words the voices in your head are saying: ‘I’ll fail in front of my peers,’ ‘my investors will think I’m an idiot,’ and ‘my dad will be proven right — I will never amount to anything!’

Listen to those voices. Breathe. Then imagine the words are written in the sand and are washed away by steady ocean waves. They’re just words spewing out of your primitive mind — they will pass. And, here’s the secret: you can replace them.

Our brains have really good intentions … from two million years ago.

Back then our brains were 70% as large as they are now and their goal was to not get eaten by a saber-toothed lion.

None of what we do as founders is saber-toothed-lion scary.

Take the time to understand your mind and how it processes fear. Anxiety is constant at a startup, because we’ve designed our lives to be challenging. We don’t simply find the solution for a problem and stop, we are greedy little bastards we founders — we keep looking for more tigers to take on.

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