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Mt Rainier at Sunset from a Commercial Flight

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OP -rabid- explains:

Since this is turning out to be pretty popular, here's a full res version in case anyone wants to use it as a desktop background or make a print: 3639x2436. It's not my livelihood, I don't care.

Camera settings:

mt rainier camera settings Imgur

OP was given $25 in ChangeTip money for the photo. Sweet!

Source and 800 Reddit comments:

That looks too clear for being shot out a plane window.

That's what some of the Redditors said too.

And the Imgurians were skeptical as well:

I've taken many a picture out of airplane windows, and many of them were of Rainier, and no matter how good your camera, you can not overcome the unclear plastic windows.

He says: "Pro Tip: the closer your lens is to a window, the less distortion you get in the image. In this case I had my lens practically touching the window."

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