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Tom Hanks: "I Owe It All to Community College"

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that was nicely written.

and community college was a wonderful part of my education as well.  i hope the new government plan does stick!!

So does Tom Hanks:

President Obama hopes to make two years of free community college accessible for up to nine million Americans. I’m guessing the new Congress will squawk at the $60 billion price tag, but I hope the idea sticks, because more veterans, from Iraq and Afghanistan this time, as well as another generation of mothers, single parents and workers who have been out of the job market, need lower obstacles between now and the next chapter of their lives. High school graduates without the finances for a higher education can postpone taking on big loans and maybe luck into the class that will redefine their life’s work. Many lives will be changed.

It does seem like it could make a big difference in a lot of lives. 

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