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Logan Couture breaks down Elite Hockey Centers 101

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Fascinating to see what one of the smartest young players in the game sees when he looks at the elite centermen of the NHL.

Today I learned that Sidney Crosby is even better than I thought.

Fortunately we don’t have to play against Crosby very often, but I don’t want to see what will happen to my Twitter timeline if I leave him off this list. First off, his lower-body strength is probably unparalleled in the league. It’s not just about his speed, but how he can use his lower body to protect the puck in the corner. When he takes the puck through the neutral zone, he’s a nightmare to defend because he seems to explode and take it to another gear as soon as the puck touches his stick. Watch how he splits the two defensemen here.

Crazy right? It’s even more impressive if you watch his feet this time. He takes one stride to explode past the D.


So why not just force him wide? The thing with defending Crosby is that he can take it wide and use his backhand as well as most players use their forehand. If you’re defending a normal player, you’d purposely force him to his backhand side. With Sid, you can’t do that. It’s extremely hard for a goaltender to pick up a shot coming off a player’s backhand. If he roofs it, the goalie basically has no chance. This rush against the Devils from December is a prime example of why he has the best backhander in the world.


It’s easy to say you’re going to bring it every night, but with an 82 game schedule plus playoffs, it’s a lot harder back it up. Crosby’s talent is obvious, but what really makes him the best is that he competes on every single faceoff, every single corner battle, on every single shift.

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