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An Enormous, Terrifying Hippo

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Hippos apparently CHASE PEOPLE ON BOATS and overturn them and leave them to be eaten by crocodiles. Just because they are assholes.

Found a gif of this:

terrifying huge hippo chasing boat gif tumblr imgur


Imgur comments:

they are so FAST!  that is some scary stuff right there.

this does not change my feelings about baby pygmy hippos though...

Although baby pygmy hippos are also hippos they are a very different animal.

Big hippos are terrifying. Baby pygmy hippos are adorable.

that's right!

Pygmy hippos only grow to 3 feet tall.

wait, what?!

i did not know that.  now i really DO want one as a pet!

I'm not sure they're legal as pets.

probably not.  i'll have to become a zookeeper instead.

So I looked up what it takes to be a zookeeper. 

Apparently first you must volunteer lots for a zoo:

I think the hippo is just on the lookout for poachers.  He's being proactive.

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