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WASP 3D printer creates hyper-local affordable housing out of mud

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The Biblical Pharoah needed a giant corps of slaves to build stuff with mud brick. You just need a 3D printer. Robot slaves for a better world!

Why does mud brick not wash away in the rain?

By the way, this is really inspiring.

Since two years ago, WASP has been steadily working toward the goal of building full-scale buildings. Striving to tackle the world's affordable housing crisis, WASP's objective is to commercially offer a full-sized, three-armed, 6-metre (20-foot) tall, portable 3D printer which can be hauled on-site by truck, and assembled in two hours, ready to print structures up to 3 metres (10 feet) tall, with a mix of mud, clay and fibre as a binder. The earth is first sifted into a powder, water is added and then the concoction is fed into the 3D printer, where it is then extruded out layer by layer to form a structure. For the purposes of demonstration at Maker Faire though, a smaller, 4-metre (13-foot) Delta 3D printer was used.

wasp mud house 3d printer

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