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Where Are All The Steam Machines?

Where Are All The Steam Machines


But speaking with several PC manufacturers behind the scenes in the year or so since, I learned that the pieces to make that vision a reality simply weren't in place. Valve wasn't happy with the design of the Steam Controller, which used a pair of super-precise touchpads in place of analog sticks, and a pretty confusing layout for gamers accustomed to Xbox and PlayStation. The Linux-based SteamOS wasn't coming together fast enough to be a viable alternative to Windows. Support for basic features like Wi-Fi and non-Nvidia graphics weren't fully coded at the time Valve went public with the idea. And, my sources at PC manufacturers have claimed, Valve wasn't keeping up the lines of communication, leaving them more or less in the dark about when those necessities would be ready.

That's why Valve decided to delay Steam Machines to 2015. That's why last week, at CES 2015, I saw several computers that were supposed to be Steam Machines flying different colors instead.

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I guess we have to wait another year. Dammit.

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