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Common – beef, rhymes and life

Common beef rhymes and life Dazed


My father was definitely a part of my life, but from a distance. He left Chicago when I was three. He was a basketball player for two years in the ABA, but then started working regular jobs as the league didn’t work out for him. I guess my mother provided the educational foundations and my father was more of a spiritual voice – he was a little more open and not traditional. He gave me my middle name – Rashid. He put a Muslim name with a Christian name, which people weren’t doing a lot back then. The way he thought for himself inspired me to do what I do, although I don’t think either one of my parents ever thought I would become a musician.My mother didn’t play music a lot in the house, but I vaguely remember my babysitters playing me music like Earth, Wind and Fire, The Commodores and Chaka Khan. But what really got me into creating music and being part of it was hip hop. I related to it from the very beginning. I started breakdancing and listening to hip hop; it felt like it was just something that was free, and a cool movement for the youth.

Chicago hip hop had more of an underground aspect, it wasn’t so prevalent in the culture as there were so many other things that existed in the city at the time, but me and my friends adored it more that anything. Whenever my boy Murray would come back from New York, he would always bring back tapes of DJ Red Alert. Only the cool cats got a dub of those tapes.

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Yeah, I haven't heard much Chicago hip hop, now that he mentions it. 

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