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Millennials Set To Outnumber Baby Boomers

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That's your snail! Is your snail a millennial?

In snail years, yes.

Well then soon it will out number the baby boomer snails. Apparently. 

Maybe, maybe not!

Deciding who belongs to which generation is neither an exact science nor a settled debate. While demographers long ago agreed on the dates defining the baby boom, many young people now considered millennials could one day be reclassified into the following generation (whatever we decide to call it).

“In order to do my analysis, I needed to define who is the youngest millennial,” said Richard Fry, a senior research associate at Pew and author of the report. “But it’s not clear yet when the millennials have ended and the next generation began.”

In the years to come, demographers will sift through all sorts of evidence to arrive at a final date range. If it turns out that people born in 1997 have more in common socially and politically with those born in, say, 1994 than those born in 1985, they could be reassigned, instantly shrinking today’s millennial mass by several million members.

Indeed, there are signs that today’s 18-year-olds do not really fit in.

Perhaps today's 18 year olds are post-Millennials?

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