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A Lovely Chat With the ‘God of F-​-​k’: Why Marilyn Manson Is Still Here (and Why We Haven’t Asked Him to Leave)

A Lovely Chat With the God of F k Why Marilyn Manson Is Still Here and Why We Haven t Asked Him to Leave


As a talker, Manson remains an unparalleled master of grotesque absurdity. As a musician, however, he hasn’t been relevant since the tail end of the ’90s alternative rock boom. But his latest record, The Pale Emperor, is different. Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d type in 2015: I like the new Marilyn Manson record. It’s true. My god, WTF, it’s really true. Working in collaboration with Tyler Bates, a music producer and composer best known for scoring films like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Devil’s Rejects, Manson aggressively works his raspy, caterwauling vocals against expansive, bluesy glam rock that doesn’t skimp on catchy riffs or big, dumb drum fills. He sounds positively (negatively?) energized.

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