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Forthcoming PBS series aims to reinvent the nature show a Earth a New Wild

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I dig the panda breeding video but I fail to see how this is a reinvention of nature shows?


The series was born out of Sanjayan's frustration with most nature shows on television today. The host said these shows tend to fall into one of two broad camps: There are documentaries with sweeping shots of pristine wilderness and no civilization in sight, and then there are the the shows where the host will go out and catch animals and wrestle with it or handle it. Think Planet Earth versus The Crocodile Hunter.

"I didn't think either of those were accurate," Sanjayan said. "That's not really an accurate portrayal of the natural world at all to the people who are trying to save it. So what I wanted to do is tell the story of how nature is and not how we want it to be."

But Sanjayan also wanted to avoid making a straightforward show about conservation. While global issues like climate change and overpopulation do inevitably come into play in his series, they serve as a larger backdrop for the more immediate individual stories that he tells.

"We didn't want to make an environmental show. In other words, we didn't want to do a film that just reduced everything to talking heads and charts," Sanjayan said. "We don't shy away from showing you the bad stuff... we show you what's happening in the Colorado River, we show what overfishing does to sharks. We do do that, but we quickly move beyond it."

Sanjayan is selling it!

I still don't get it. He's showing us nature as it is, unlike Planet Earth and Crocodile Hunter?

It sounds as if Sanjayan is trying to offer a more finely woven tapestry.  And like I said, he's selling it.

Heh. Okay I will have to look for it. I do like pandas. 

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