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Volcanic Eruption: Colima, Mexico

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Wait, Mexico has an active volcano?!

Mexico has many active volcanoes!

Murica?   Not found on that page.

Murica = continuous 48.

Oh, I don't speak southern hick natively.  Seems like it means "America", so not necessarily only the contiguous 48 states plus DC.

I needed some way to distinguish the contiguous 48 from North America.

North America = Canada + Murica + Mexico + a half dozen countries north of South America.

Hawaii is some of my favorite volcanoes in Murica.

Any one in particular?

Yeah Laki!

If you want to visit the craters of Laki, the first thing you need is a proper vehicle. F206, the overland path that leads from the heavily travelled ring road north toward Laki, is one of Iceland’s infamous ‘F roads’ -- unpaved dirt tracks that sometimes vanish altogether over lava highlands or under roaring rivers. For this kind of terrain, a rental car just won’t do. You need someone like Trausti Ísleifsson and his jacked-up four-wheel-drive van.

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