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Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?

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Sounds like the scientist needs to find philosophy... or religion...

The brain, Chalmers began by pointing out, poses all sorts of problems to keep scientists busy. How do we learn, store memories, or perceive things? How do you know to jerk your hand away from scalding water, or hear your name spoken across the room at a noisy party? But these were all “easy problems”, in the scheme of things: given enough time and money, experts would figure them out. There was only one truly hard problem of consciousness, Chalmers said. It was a puzzle so bewildering that, in the months after his talk, people started dignifying it with capital letters – the Hard Problem of Consciousness – and it’s this: why on earth should all those complicated brain processes feel like anything from the inside? Why aren’t we just brilliant robots, capable of retaining information, of responding to noises and smells and hot saucepans, but dark inside, lacking an inner life? And how does the brain manage it? How could the 1.4kg lump of moist, pinkish-beige tissue inside your skull give rise to something as mysterious as the experience of being that pinkish-beige lump, and the body to which it is attached?


:)Speaking of human consciousness, I've been interested and reading about DMT lately.  It makes for interesting reading and interesting discussions about religion, spirituality, near death experiences, existence, etc...

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DMT the drug?

Or a different DMT?

Good point about spirituality.

Indeed.  While I haven't tried it so can't speak to it personally, it doesn't really sounds like a 'recreational' drug from my reading.  It's certainly the most powerful hallucinogen known, though.This was the study they did on it for a few years, and the resulting book.  There's a TLDR version movie of it by the same name on Netflix.

Yeah, it sounds a little advanced for recreational use. Proceed with caution.

Marijuana should be all the augmented reality most people ever need.

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