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Rare Triple Shadow Transit Alert!

rare triple shadow transit alert Jupiter moons Io Europa Ganymede photo Imgur

Rare Triple Shadow Transit Alert!Jupiter with Moons Io & shadow Transit, Europa, & Ganymede,Jupiter's GRS = Great Red Spot on 01-08-2015. Io was casting the inky black shadow onto Jupiter's cloud tops! Taken from my backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio USA.Seeing was rather poor , so I did not crank up the power, but the lower power FOV allowed me to capture Europa & Ganymede too...the 4th Galilean moon Callisto was way out of the frame.QHY5IIL & 10" SCT(1600mm)...2400 avi frames stacked in Registax6 & assemble RGB in Maxim DL software. I Can't wait for the Very Rare Triple Shadow Transit this Friday Night 23 into Saturday Morning 24th , January 2015,  The event is perfectly positioned for North America around 11:30pm until 3:00am EST, with all three shadows visible around 1:30am EST,  You will need a telescope at powers above 75x to see the shadows transiting, but when all 3 shadows are on the disk, you may be able to notice the dark spots in binoculars mounted on a tripod. Hopefully it will be clear for us all!  After Friday night it won't happen again until 2032!



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Is this anything like a double rainbow?

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