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Scientists find way to increase length of human telomeres

Interesting news that might completely change the nature and time human of aging.

Scientists find way to increase length of human telomeres - Medical News Today

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Beth, this seems like a very big deal:

The shortening of human telomeres - caps that protect our chromosomes from deterioration - has been associated with aging and disease. Now, researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, say they have found a way to lengthen these telomeres, potentially opening the door to new treatments for many age-related and genetic conditions.


In their study, the researchers explain that introducing as few as three applications of the modified RNA (called modified TERT mRNA) to human cells over a few days increased telomere length by up to 10%. Young humans possess telomeres that are around 8,000-10,000 nucleotides long, the team notes, but the modified TERT-encoding RNA increased telomere length by around 1,000 nucleotides.


Study co-author Helen Blau adds:

"Now we have found a way to lengthen human telomeres by as much as 1,000 nucleotides, turning back the internal clock in these cells by the equivalent of many years of human life. This greatly increases the number of cells available for studies such as drug testing or disease modeling.

One day it may be possible to target muscle stem cells in a patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, for example, to extend their telomeres. There are also implications for treating conditions of aging, such as diabetes and heart disease. This has really opened the doors to consider all types of potential uses of this therapy."

Is this as big a deal as I think it is?

well that will stop cancer for another 10 years, the telomeres are the caps that prevent mutations from the ends of the RNA getting unraveled. if you can do it again and again, using some kind of pill then we will have something.  we will also have a problem like the movie: In time.

Apparently we're less than 15 years away from curing nearly every disease thru nanobots... if you consider aging to be a disease, then yeah.

Fascinating implications, as you said.

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