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Doctor Visits Are So 2014 - The House Call Is Back

Doctor Visits Are So 2014 Fast Company Business Innovation


Doctors and entrepreneurs around the country are joining forces to try to make the miserable doctor’s visit a thing of the past. Meet, for instance, Thompson Aderinkomi. When Aderinkomi’s son was a year old, he got very sick and had to be taken to the clinic four times within a few weeks before eventually being diagnosed with pneumonia. Besides the time, effort, and worry, these visits ended up costing the family $7,500 out of pocket, on top of insurance premiums. Aderinkomi, a serial entrepreneur, kept thinking about all the pain points he had experienced in that process—the difficulty of scheduling a visit, the long waits, the high cost—and tinkered with new business models that would make going to the doctor less terrible. Two years later, in 2012, he founded a company called Retrace Health, essentially a doctor on-demand service. "Think of it as the Uber of health care," he tells me.

Thompson AderinkomiThe basic idea is that when you have a health problem, a doctor will be dispatched to your house immediately, any time of day, for $175. The doctor will come fully equipped to do lab tests or X-rays if necessary. If you have a problem that might not necessarily require a doctor to be physically present—say, for example, you are having an acne flare-up or you want to know why you get nauseous when you eat cheese—you can opt for a video consultation for $50. At this point, Retrace Health has launched in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, staffed by a team of local doctors, and currently serves over 3,000 patients, though this number is growing fast, especially with companies that are beginning to sign on to have their employees use this service. As Aderinkomi irons out the kinks in this business model, he is hoping to go national.

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Uber of health care will be unnecessary once everyone has personal health robots like Baymax in Big Hero 6. 

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